What We’re Planning

Providing quality, reliable, and courteous services connecting people

and businesses with the goods and services they need at reasonable

rates, promoting economic growth and development within the South Eastern Ontario region.

We make round trips between various towns and cities, doing drop-offs and pick-ups for our customers with a personalized service.  Whether it’s a small personal errand, multiple errands, errands that span multiple cities, or perhaps you want to leverage our grocery pickup service and drop them off at your door!  Check out our Services link for more info or give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.  
Planned Service Area
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What We Are Offering Today

We are proud to offer round trip errand drop-off and pick-up services between Sharbot Lake, Mountain Grove, Arden, Parham, and Kingston areas.  Please see our Schedule for additional information. It’s critical that we get feedback from our potential customers before we can “tool” our business to support customer needs.  For example before we can extend services between all the towns and cities we would like to, we need an idea of what the market demand would be. 


Schedule Update

Scheduled grocery pickup and local delivery for Nov 20th 2014.
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